2905 West 50th Street, Westwood, KS 66205-1734
       Phone     913-236-4029 (office) and cell phone is: 816-223-2783      Email skyhawkroster@gmail.com

Gary Talbert Sky
  • Hardtop
  • Weight 3,215 Pounds
  • Wheelbase 120-1/2 inches
  • Engine 289 CID, 190 or 210 HP V8
  • Production 3050
  • Cost $2,477

1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk Owners Register links and Information

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Dear Sky Hawk Owner:

The 1956 President Sky Hawk Roster has finally arrived, actually I have been working on this project since 1975, beginning in Walnut Creek, CA and two years later, moving to the midwest and the Kansas City area.

I need as much information regarding your Sky Hawk as you can furnish. Reference Turning Wheels issues: May 1990 page 44,   January 1991 page 62, or March 2002 page 59.

Please complete the following info sheet and return to me either by e-mail or regular mail and include
photographs. There will be a "Worldwide Directory of Owners International" which you may want to order at a later announcement.

Engine No.# __________________
Serial  No.# __________________
Body   No.# __________________
Cubic Inches:   ______
Carburation:     ______
Transmission:   ______
Exterior Color:  _______________
Interior Color:  _______________
Current Mileage: _____________
Mileage when Purchased:______
Purchase Date: __/__/__
Purchase Price: $__________
2010 Old Cars Value:$______
Optional Equipment:___________
Prior Owner/Owners:__________
Addresses of Prior: ___________
Other Studebakers: ___________
Parts Needed? ______________
Parts 4 Sale?  ______________

You may Include your story of how, when, why and where you purchased your first Studebaker.  I have received some very interesting and sometimes, funny stories from so many wonderful people of Africa,
North, Central and South America, Europe Asia, DownUnder and many other parts of this wonderful, diverse world of ours.

You may surface mail to:
1956 Sky Hawk Roster Director
2905 West 50th Street
Westwood, Kansas 66205-1734

e-mail addres and phone number shown at the top of this window.
**Please leave your information on answerphone if not available to take call.

P.S. Did you know there was a Stude Club exclusive to 1953 - 1962 C/K's as far back as 1957?  I was founder/president of "The East Bay Studes" located in the San Francisco/Oakland East Bay Area. Our membership swelled to about 35 by  1962 when the national SDC was formed. Most of us joined the national in 1962 and in later years.  I owned "Black Beauty", a beautiful 1953 Commander Regal Coupe and two 1956 Sky Hawks, one was parts car and the other I purchased in 1962 with 40k miles. Thanks for your time and let's make this roster the very best of the bunch. OK?

Studebakerly yours,
Gary D, Talbert