Frequently Asked Questions

How many were built?
  Originally 4073 cars entered production but 2 were scrapped before completion. The final production ended up at 4071 with 3470 built in South Bend and 601 assembled in Vernon (Los Angeles).

Did any cars come from the factory with the dual four barrel option?
  This option, known as the Jet Streak engine was contemplated by the company, but never entered into production. All the parts were available directly from the Packard parts bin and many dealers as well as owners made the conversion. There is nothing on any of the original production orders to suggest otherwise.

Did any cars come from the factory with the 374 cubic inch engine?
  All 1956 Golden Hawks came from the factory with the 352 cubic inch Packard OHV V8 with one four barrel carburetor rated at 275 horsepower. Again, not a single production order indicates a 374 Cubic engine was ever put in a 1956 Golden Hawk.

Did any cars come from the factory with a supercharger?
  An aftermarket supercharger was available from McCulloch but no cars were equipped with superchargers at the factory.

How many cars came equipped with the Ultramatic transmission?
  Of the 4073 cars that started production, 3287 including the two scrapped cars, came with the Ultramatic. 786 were produced with the Borg Warner T-85 Manual 3 speed column shift with overdrive.

Did the Ultramatic equipped cars include Anti-Creep?
  Anti-Creep was not available on cars equipped with the Ultramatic transmission. Cars equipped with the manual 3 speed Borg Warner transmission came equipped with the Hill-Holder.

Was Twin Traction standard?
  Twin Traction was not available on any 1956 Golden Hawks.

What was the most popular color combination?
  Color code P5641 Ceramic Green/Snowcap White was the most popular two tone paint combination.

How many cars have survived?
  The number keeps fluctuating but over nearly 600 cars have been reported over the years. These range from beautifully restored to derelict cars that may never be on the road again.

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