1. Send me a CLEAN, GUTTED TH400.
  2. I'll send you converted transmission & kit.
  3. Make up your own transmission with shift kit as desired.
  4. Make up fill tube & dipstick according to your desired final location.
  5. Make your own drive shaft (1 piece only.)
  6. Install, enjoy the difference with confidence. No puking overflow, more power to the wheels, no sticking in Park on hills.
  7. Uses original Packard flywheel only. (No added adaptor [spool] plus 2nd flex plate which may wobble, vibrate, and/or break.)
If you are interested and need more information, contact:

4975 IH-35 SOUTH
HOME 800-775-7077  CELL 830-660-1181 

Shift linkage arm (rod not pictured.)

Proper speedometer cable.

Torque converter to crank adapter bushing.

Kickdown switch with harness (goes where O.D. switch would go.).

Template for paddle to be welded (top of accelerator rod)

It doesn't matter which GM product the TH400 came from. We cut the frontal several inches off of the trans case with different bolt patterns and jig up and weld a ring onto the cut case. Now it bolts up to the Packard block. You need to get a TH400 locally so you have all the parts of the guts except the re-build parts. Thus send me the cleaned, empty, stripped case and I will send you a case ready for rebuild and installation. It will include the crank adapter bush, the correct shift rod, rear trans mount, correct speedometer cable, the correct shift pattern indicator.
There isn't any body who can make an Ultramatic dependably useable, as in touring. Mine had just been to an EXPERT trans shop in Houston before I bought the car.The rebuild invoice was $1450. and leaked..slipped badly first time out. I prayed it would get me home, maybe 100 miles. Thus the Ultra-400 was born. Questions ??? I can be called. 830-660-1181.
2 pieces, rear transmission mount. 
(NOTE: 3 holes from the torque converter to the flywheel will have to be filled and redrilled.)

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